Share + Messaging Plans

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Quick Start Guide to Share + Messaging Plans

Open Sharing from the menu

Tap the    menu, tap Sharing

Choose a Share + Messaging plan

How to choose?
-choose Share for most uses
-choose Share + Messaging to also receive text & photo messages in Folktells

Senders do not need a Folktells plan of any kind to send text & photo messages to a subscriber. Messaging subscription is available only in Canada, UK, USA.

Follow the prompts to complete your purchase

Monthly and annual plans available in the App Store & the Play Store

Get your texting number

On the Messages tab in the Sharing menu, choose a country*, enter your preferred area code**, and tap the search button. Select a number from the results and follow the prompts.

*Numbers are available only in Canada, UK, USA. **Some area codes have no numbers available, a Google search can show you what area codes are valid for your preferred region.

Tell family & friends your new Folktells number

They can send text & photo messages to you from their phones, just as they would to anyone with a mobile number.

What can you do with a Share + Messaging plan?

The Share plan let’s you create sharing groups of family & friends, enjoy group member’s stories about shared online albums, experience stories together with Guided Story Sharing, and more!

By adding Messaging, you’ll also get a phone number to which family & friends can send their in-the-moment messages and share their life’s adventures!

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