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Quick Start Guide to Messaging

Give your number to family & friends!

From the Messages tab in the Sharing Hub, find your Folktells number at the top, give it to your family & friends so they can send you messages

Play new messages

When a new message arrives, an alert pops up. Tap the Play It button to enjoy the message, or use your voice! Just say ‘Yes!’

Tell your contacts to add some style!

By adding some special Folktells hashtags, your family & friends can add their name, photo and favourite colour to their contact card in your message list.

Special hashtags include:
#ftmyname – follow the hashtag with a name, #ftmypic – send with a photo, #ftmystyle – follow the hashtag with a predefined colour name, or a hex colour code

See all your messages

You’ll find all of your messages in the Sharing Hub on the Messages tab. Tap a play button button to enjoy any message.

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