Our Story

Since Folktells is all about sharing stories, we thought we should share our story, and how Folktells came to be.

We’ve spent our careers in software, frequently serving as the family tech-support resource. Often this meant fielding frustrated calls from aging parents as they tried to use email or social media on the computers we set up for them. Initially our help was enough; we traded emails, messaged them, and felt like technology was helping. Over time, the increasing complexity of the apps they are trying to use has meant we can’t help them as easily.

As dementia and short-term memory loss has started to take a toll, our family members are less able to remember how to use the complicated computers and software they need to stay connected. We have bought a range of technology over the years in the hope that we could more easily keep them involved but none of it has enabled the connections we hoped for. As our own children grow older we are seeing the tremendous ability of technology to keep us involved in each other’s lives. This reinforced our desire to keep the same connection with our own parents and other family members who don’t find the technology as easy as we do.

As part of our search we hoped the more intuitive touch interface of a tablet might be the answer. We watched in disappointment, however, as our older family members got increasingly frustrated, accidentally closing apps or swiping the wrong direction, not able to achieve what they wanted to. It became clear that apps weren’t designed with them in mind – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Folktells was born out of the realization that there are many families who want the same things: to make it possible for everyone in the family to keep in touch, and to share stories about what their kids are up to, who’s travelled somewhere exciting, the awesome dinner they cooked last night, the cute puppy they adopted.

We’re looking forward to the feedback and creativity of everyone using Folktells to connect their families so we can keep making it better. We hope you will join us on our journey as we strive to make it easy to keep everyone in the family feeling included and involved.

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