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Schedule Stories

Why schedule story suggestions?

Engage your loved ones by setting up scheduled prompts for stories. Each day at the set time(s), Folktells will announce that there is a story available. Stories are selected randomly to ensure a variety of pictures and stories are experienced, with a higher preference to offer new stories. Your loved one won’t need to remember how to find or start a story. Folktells announces the story with text and speech, then waits for a button tap or verbal confirmation before continuing. They can tap the ‘Yes’ button or just say ‘Yes’ when Folktells asks. If no interaction is received, Folktells returns to the familiar home screen.

The story prompts act as a reminder to interact with Folktells each day, helping to involve the user in the lives of their loves ones and often starts a journey exploring other stories.

scheduling a story suggestion

How to set up a schedule

Schedules are set up in the Folktells settings.

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Tap the Stories tab.
  4. Expand the Story Prompts section.
  5. Tap + Add.
  6. Select the time you would like the prompt to appear. To use the time picker, first select the hour, then the minute. Ensure that AM is selected for mornings or PM for afternoons. (If you use the 24 clock on your device, you won’t need to do this.)
  7. Tap Ok.
  8. Repeat the process for any additional story prompts you would like.
  9. Tap the back button at the top of Settings when finished to return to the main screen.
a story suggestion schedule

Viewing a scheduled story

When a story prompt appears at the scheduled time, it is announced verbally using text-to-speech in order to attract attention. Folktells listens for a response after the announcement. To hear and see the story, say ‘Yes‘ or tap the Yes, tell me the story button. To return to the main screen without hearing the story, say ‘No‘, ‘Maybe later‘, or ‘Cancel‘, or tap the Maybe later button. If there is no verbal response or button tap after 30s, the prompt will close and return to the main screen.

If you would prefer not to have verbal announcements, tap the speaker icon on the story prompt to disable the sound. Until you re-enable the sound, Folktells will no longer read story prompt announcements out loud.

notification repeat settings

Repeating story suggestion notifications

When a story prompt appears at the scheduled time but gets no response, it will pop-up again up to 3 times. By default there will be 3 reminder notifications spaced 5 minutes apart. To change the number or frequency of the notifications, expand the Notifications section of the Story & Message settings and adjust as desired.

The settings for Notifications also affect reminders about new messages for those enrolled in a Share + Messaging plan.

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