Albums from Google Photos

Viewing Albums from Google Photos

Albums from Google Photos

Photos and videos are a wonderful way to share special life events both present and past. These days almost everyone has a digital camera with them all the time, constantly taking photos and videos to share with loved ones who couldn’t be there. Folktells makes it easy for anyone, even people who aren’t tech-savvy, to see albums on their tablet or phone, but what happens when you can’t be there in person to copy the images to your loved ones device and create albums for them? The answer is shared online albums.
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Online Shared Albums

Folktells currently supports two sources of online albums – iCloud (iOS only) and Google Photos (iOS & Android). If you have Apple devices and already use iCloud to create shared albums, they will automatically appear in Folktells for anyone with whom the albums are shared.

If those in your family & friend group use Android devices, or a mix of Apple and Android devices, you can use Google Photos. You do not need a Folktells Share Plan in order to see online shared photo and video albums in the Folktells App, only to share stories about them.

Read on to learn how to connect your Google Photos account to Folktells. Or if you prefer, check out this short video about connecting to Google Photos.  Our Show & Tell tutorial series on YouTube showcases how to use many Folktells features in under one minute.

Sign in to Google Photosa user signed in to Google Photos

Sign in with Google

First, if you haven’t already done so, go to your Google Photos account, create some albums and share them with your family and friends. Albums have to be shared from Google Photos, then they will appear in Folktells for anyone who signs in with their Google account. To sign in:

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left.
  2. Select the Sharing option.
  3. Tap the Photos/Albums tab.
  4. Tap the Sign in with Google button.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to sign in using the email and password that you use for Google.
  6. Note: on Android, if you have added your google account in the device settings, you will not need to enter your email & password as it will use the credentials from your account.
  7. When prompted to grant permissions to Folktells, choose Allow.
  8. When the sign in is successful, you will see a message showing you the account to which you are connected.
  9. Tap the back button at the top of Settings when finished to return to the main screen.
legend of icons that identify the source of an album

Create Local Stories for Shared Albums

Without a Folktells Share Plan, you will need to create stories for albums shared from online sources in the same way stories are created for local device albums. Stories need to be created on the device of the person viewing them. Check the icon displayed in the top left corner of the album cover image in the Sharing Hub to identify the source of the album. Shared albums will display either the Google Photos icon, or an iCloud icon, depending on the source. If there are no icons displayed, it is possible that Folktells is not in Storyteller mode. You can switch to storyteller mode in the settings.

Sharing with a group

Create Shared Stories for Shared Albums

If you want to share stories about shared albums with groups family & friends, you will want a Folktells Share Plan. Share Plans are available both monthly and annually as in-app purchases. With a Share Plan, you can create stories about shared albums on your own device, and everyone who is a member of your sharing group* will be able to enjoy your stories on their own device, wherever they are.
*everyone who is a member of the group will need their own Share Plan

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