Designed for seniors and their families.

Samples of Folktells features

Why Folktells?

Designed for seniors, designed to share.

Folktells helps seniors and their loved ones stay engaged in each other's lives. Deliver the benefits of a connected world, simply, without the confusion.

Optimized for tablets, optimized for simplicity

Most folks benefit from large, easy to read screens with large fonts, generous tap regions, and one simple main screen that invites interaction.

Easy to use, easy to love

Each feature is crafted to minimize confusion and maximize engagement - giving control to those who need it and hiding complexity from those who don't. The progressive UI lets you choose the right level for everyone.

Reduce isolation, keep in touch

Communication and connections are increasingly moving online, making it too easy to leave behind older or less technically capable members of our circle. Social isolation is a real problem that technology is making worse - when it should be helping.

Stay informed & in-the-know

Consistently communicate what's meaningful now - start simple, with the current date, time, and weather. Folktells displays upcoming events at a glance and there is a space to share important, durable information.

Increase involvement, reinforce memories

Keep everyone involved and informed about the lives of their loved ones with stories that constantly reinforce connections and memories. Quickly turn family albums into engaging spoken stories that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Folktells at a Glance

Time & Weather

Your loved ones stay aware of the basics with the current date, time, and weather in large, clear fonts. A simplified display is available for the easily confused.

Featured Items

Featured stories & new messages keep things fresh - inviting taps and engagement. Connect Folktells to online albums in Google Photos or iCloud so you can share from wherever you are.

Linked Calendars

Help your loved ones stay informed by populating their calendar with the details they need. You can connect to an online shared calendar to manage their calendar from your own device.


For important information that doesn't change often, set up the noticeboard so that key facts are always visible for your loved ones and their caregivers.
Folktells at a glance

What's in a Story?

They say a picture tells a thousand words, but pictures alone don't add up to a story. Folktells allows you to add written content to turn photo albums into dynamic and entertaining stories - like a digital photo-frame with super powers.

Short term memory loss can leave people wondering what's going on in the lives of their friends and family. You can't always be there to answer their questions about the lives of their loved ones.

Let Folktells help.

Folktells text-to-speech feature reads the stories aloud, making it perfect for those whose vision may be failing or who struggle with reading.

Viewing a Folktells story

Daily Sharing

Engage your loved ones by setting up scheduled prompts for stories. Each day at the set time(s), Folktells will announce that there is a story available. Stories are selected randomly to ensure a variety of pictures and stories are experienced.

Folktells announces the story with text and speech, then waits for a button tap or verbal confirmation before continuing. If no interaction is received, Folktells returns to the familiar home screen.

A scheduled story suggestion

Video Calling

Have face to face virtual visits with your loved ones using private, secure video & voice calls. By enabling auto-answer, your senior loved one won't miss a call, even if they don't remember how to answer.

With no time limits, you can chat all day and share your news and special memories. Make someone's day and call to say hello!

Connecting face to face with a video call

Remote Guided Stories

With a Folktells Share Plan, you can share stories with groups of family & friends, with everyone enjoying them wherever they are and whenever they want.

When you want to experience a story with a loved one but can't be together, Remote Guided Stories lets you use remote control to show a slideshow on both your device and theirs. Tell the story 'in-person' by video call. As you swipe through the slideshow on your device, they see the same photos as you do.

This is a great way to enjoy some togetherness, even when apart, and to help folks who need a bit of assistance to start and watch a story.

Sharing a guided story remotely


By subscribing to a Folktells Share + Messaging Plan for your senior, they can receive* text & photo messages inside Folktells, with no need for a phone, or a texting plan. They get a number to which you and other family & friends can send in-the-moment messages.

Senders do not need the Folktells app or a subscription to send a message to a Share + Messaging Plan subscriber. Seniors love to be included in the adventures of their loved ones - now everyone can share with them.

Folktells announces the arrival of a new message both on-screen and with audio, then waits for a button tap or verbal confirmation before playing the message. If your loved one misses the announcement, the message will appear in the featured area until they ask to see and hear it.

*this is a receive-only feature

A new message has arrived

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