Designed for folks who don’t think they can use apps.

Folktells is the best way to connect with folks that aren’t naturally part of social media and messaging. Now everyone can share in the stories from the people that matter to them.

Folktells runs on a variety of devices

Why Folktells?

Simply Engaging Seniors

Designed for Seniors

Folktells makes it easier to engage with loved ones who struggle to stay involved...

Designed to Share

…and just as easy for those that want to share their lives with them. Deliver the benefits of a connected world, simply, without the confusion.

Optimized for Tablets

Most folks benefit from large, easy to read screens...

Optimzed for Simplicity

…with large fonts, generous tap regions, and a simple single screen to invite interaction.

Easy to Use

Each feature is crafted to minimize confusion and maximize engagement...

Easy to love

…and to give control to those who need it while hiding complexity from those who don’t. The progressive UI lets you choose the right level for everyone.

Feel Connected

Communication and connections are increasingly moving online...

Reduce Isolation

…making it too easy to leave behind older or less technically capable members of our circle. Social isolation is a real problem that technology is making worse, when it should help.

Stay Informed

Communicate consistently about what's meaningful now...

Stay up to date

…start simple with the current date,  time, and weather. Upcoming events available at a glance and there is space to share important, durable details.

Reduce Loneliness

Keep everyone involved and informed about the lives of their loved ones...

Increase Connections

…with stories that constantly reinforce connections and memories. Quickly turn family albums into engaging spoken stories that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Folktells at a Glance

What’s in a Story?

graphic showing story prompt

They say a picture tells a thousand words, but pictures alone don’t add up to a story. Folktells allows you to turn photo albums into dynamic and informative stories that engage and entertain.

Short term memory loss can leave people wondering what’s going on in the lives of their friends and family. You can’t always be there to answer their questions about the lives of their loved ones.

Let Folktells help.

Folktells text-to-speech feature reads the stories aloud, making it perfect for those whose vision may be failing or who struggle with reading.

Support Engagement with Scheduled Stories

graphic showing story prompt time selector

Engage your loved ones by setting up scheduled prompts for stories. Each day at the set time(s), Folktells will announce that there is a story available. Stories are selected randomly to ensure a variety of pictures and stories are experienced.

Folktells announces the story with text and speech, then waits for a button tap or verbal confirmation before continuing.

If no interaction is received, Folktells returns to the familiar home screen.

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Folktells runs on a variety of devices